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Songs of Sac Prairie

World Premiere Recording of the cycle

Songs of Sac Prairie and Other Selected Works

by Chicago Composer Ronald William Hill alongside Bass-Baritone William Powers

with the composer at the piano

Exciting updates!

Songs of Sac Prairie will soon be available for sale through Centaur Records!

The Wooster Symphony Orchestra in Ohio has commissioned an orchestral version of the Songs of Sac Prairie cycle. Audrey Johnson and William Powers will sing this world premiere in February of 2020. Further details and ticket purchasing will be available soon.

This recording features the compositions of Chicago composer Ronald William Hill, especially his song cycle, Songs of Sac Prairie, with texts by August Derleth, one of Wisconsin's most famous and beloved writers. Songs of Sac Prairie is a cycle comprised of six portraits of individuals with whom Derleth was acquainted in his hometown of Sauk City.  The six portraits are bookended by a prologue piece and postlude duet.  

In addition to Songs of Sac Prairie, the album also contains the song Red Dress with text by poet and author Russell Salamon, dedicated to me by the composer as well as the song The Lark Ascending, previously featured on WFMT Chicago's Jewel Box concert series. 

The recording has been sponsored by the Sanfilippo Foundation and the Illinois Arts Council.  Two outreach concerts featuring the album's music took place in Illinois to bring the music to underserved audiences.

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